My First Video Course!

My first OpenCV video course, OpenCV 3 Projects for Photo Filtering, is now available!

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Over the last few months I’ve been working with Packt Publishing on producing a project oriented hands-on OpenCV course. It’s been a fascinating experience and the first of three volumes is now available online!

Course Description

OpenCV 3 is a native cross-platform C++ Library for computer vision, machine learning, and image processing. This video will help you tackle increasingly challenging computer vision problems that you may face in your job. We make use of OpenCV 3 to work around some interesting projects.

You’ll begin by deep diving into the basics of OpenCV 3, where you’ll start a new project, and see how to load an image file and show it. Next, you’ll find out how to handle keyboard events in our display window. In the next project, you’ll jump into interactively adjusting image brightness. The Miniaturizing APP project will get you to add a miniaturizing tilt-shift effect and learn to blur images. In the final project, you’ll learn to apply Instagram-like color ambiance filters to images.

By the end of this course, you will learn to load process and store media files such as photos and videos, and will create photo and video processing apps such as Instagram and Pixlr. You will also discover how to quickly prototype UIs and allow real-time user interaction.

Style and Approach

In this step-by-step course, you’ll find practical and innovative approaches that are battle-tested from the authors’ industry experience and research. You’ll work through end-to-end projects from the concept and approach through to an efficient implementation with OpenCV 3. Each project will show how OpenCV3 can be used within a specific goal-oriented context.

What You Will Learn

  • Start a new project from scratch
  • Load an image file
  • Adjust image brightness and contrast
  • Add window sliders
  • Add the miniaturizing tilt-shift effect
  • Blurring images, handling UI mouse events
  • Apply color ambiance filters to images
  • Load videos and store them

Watch the course outline here.

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